Capture Creatures by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt

Alright, this is easily the cutest comic on the damn planet and to be honest I’m going to implode if they don’t start making that final “to be continued” come true. Capture Creatures is a comic that is a love letter to Pokémon, and that made me more excited to read it. I searched in a couple comic shops, but had no luck, so I ended up using Comixology to buy it digitally. It just means I get to bring it everywhere with me!


Capture Creatures is about Tamzen, a young girl who is a bit of a troublemaker. Her father is a scientist, so she tends to go into areas that she (probably) shouldn’t be going into. One day, she and her new friend, Jory, sneak under a fence, and find an adorably bizarre creature! They decide to take it back to the island it belongs on.


That quickly becomes more than they bargained for. They meet some more bizarre little creatures (one of which makes fast friends with their unwilling ranger, Teddy. But one seems to hang out with a dangerous masked villain. They are saved by a giant panda-dog (he looks very Totoro, with a panda pattern).

The attacking creature is pretty dang cute too; all fur and fangs.
The attacking creature is pretty dang cute too; all fur and fangs.

Panda Totoro belongs to another masked person, this one slightly less villainous than the last. They are sent to the island’s ranger station, only to find that the rangers there have been trapped and alone for quite some time. They are attacked, again by the masked villain, and have to save themselves. After getting away, they see a boat that is loading captured creatures onto it. It looks like they’re kidnapping them, and taking them elsewhere. But, soon after, they’re spotted, and it ends with “To Be Continued.”


I think this is the cutest thing to come to comics, but I need more. I need to know what happens, but I also just want to reread the series over and over (which I keep doing), but those 4 issues aren’t enough. I think it’s a lovely comic, and hopefully if more people show interest in it, we’ll get more issues sooner!


With writer Frank Gibson and illustrations by Becky Dreistadt, under the Kaboom! title, this is a wonderful read for all ages. The art is wonderful and perfect. It’s very reminiscent of Pokémon with the looks of the creatures, and their fighting abilities. It’s phenomenal. I want a bed full of Capture Creature plushies, and posters all over my walls. Hell, I’ll take a video game! But until then, read Capture Creatures. You’ll love it, and then I’ll have someone to chat about it with.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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