Jem and the Holograms Issue 8

Fangirls I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, our girl Kari who was working so hard on these wonderful recapathons has retired. She’s working hard at school and work, and needs more time to focus on that. But it’s great, because she is a hard worker, and can do anything she puts her mind to. But the good news, is that the Jem reviews aren’t going away! Starting right back up with issue 8, I’m ready to go.


So even though Kimber is super bummed about her inability to see Stormer, the gals are doing pretty well. They’ve got a brand new music video that they’ll be launching at their Halloween party, and a surprising new label; the same as the Misfits. It’s definitely chaos at the Benton house, but nothing, I’m sure, to what issue 9 will bring.


The Misfits have Eric Raymond, now, and he’s already up to the same old tricks he was up to in the comic. He’s even hired Techrat (who did his bidding in the comic too) attempting to hack the Holograms. Luckily, they have Synergy who seems to be fending him off…for now!


The Misfits (and now Techrat) have a plan to crash the Holograms’ Halloween party. They’ve got the password, the costumes, and the malice, now it’s time to make some magic.

Does Synergy know something we don't?
Does Synergy know something we don’t?

To be honest with you, Fangirls, I had been off of my Jem kick for awhile. Kari was doing the work, so I wasn’t keeping up with the issues 100%. But now that they’re mine again, I got to reread all of my back issues, and continue onto reading the new ones I hadn’t gotten to yet! It’s been awesome getting reacquainted with these ladies, and the absolutely gorgeous art that comes with the phenomenal story! IDW, you’ve got my attention again. Keep doing what you’re doing, because I know I’m not the only Fangirl who feels that this truly outrageous story needs to be told!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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