Thinx Period Panties

Fangirls, I never saw myself as buying period panties that I considered “fancy.” Period undies have always been undies that it isn’t a big deal if they get bled on, because even with pads and tampons, it’s a possibility. But at the end of December I said to myself that since I’m trying to do better for myself this year, I may as well try doing something better for the environment too, and I ordered myself a pair of Thinx.


Thinx is a brand that comes highly recommended across the Internet as a brand that helps out women with periods quite a bit. The idea is that they have created underwear that not only absorbs period blood (intentionally), it also wicks the blood away from your body without letting it touch and ruin your clothing. It didn’t seem real.

All of the reviews said it was the best thing ever. So I took the plunge and bought underwear that cost $35. That’s a lot to spend on undies, especially ones that you bleed on. But it’s a way for my body to have a break from tampons, is better for the environment, and (in the long run) is cheaper than tampons, pads, and replacement undies for the ones I mess up.

I received them on the second day of my period, which meant I could wear them on the third, my heaviest day. I was really nervous about wearing them all day without other protection, but I figured I may as well go big in these bad boys. So I wore them, not just without a tampon, but I wore them to work. My work pants are black, so I had that in my favor, but I was terrified. When if they weren’t good enough? What if I smelled? What if I could feel it? I brought back up undies and tampons just in case, but guess what?

I didn’t need them. I was amazed tgat not only did Thinx Period Panties hold up for an entire day at work, but they held up to coughing and standing; things that many girls know can be their worst enemies on their period. So I decided to take another leap of faith, and try them out overnight.

It was great! I woke up feeling dry, which I don’t feel when I use pads, and I didn’t feel like I had to walk on tinders to get to the bathroom (which is how I sometimes feel when using tampons). It also held up to some exercises that I did that morning, which was (again) a refreshing feeling.

I found that these were great for learning about my flow, which I didn’t even consider. I’m not used to observing my flow throughout the day; I usually use tampons, and those don’t really let me see that it comes in waves. I found that quite interesting (even if it’s TMI for you). But it’s important to understand your body, so you know when things are off.

I think the best use of these is for overnights, for me, because having a tampon in overnight can sometimes lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is very dangerous. Not once during the day did I leak into my pants, and that was awesome. But more than anything, I felt secure and confident, which is rather difficult on my period, usually. These undies are incredibly cute (simple black undies with lace on the top), and they don’t look or feel like a diaper. Honestly, even though there are some special extra layers in there, they don’t look like you have your period. With pads, sometimes you can tell (when you’re down to your skivvies) that it’s there, and with tampons leaks are very noticeable. But these just look like cute black panties, which was more than I expected.

I highly recommend Thinx Period Panties to anyone with a period. They’re comfortable and cute, and though they’re a bit pricey, they can improve your period and the way you feel about yourself during it. I do think it would be rad if they had a rewards type program where users could earn coupons toward future purchases; it would make it more possible to buy enough for every day with a period (having a seven day period means I would have to spend $245 plus tax and shipping to be tampon free).

Regardless, if you get a period, and you’re looking for a solution that works both night and day, Thinx are what you need. Grab your own pair here.











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