Black Canary Issue 6

There is nothing out there like Black Canary’s series. Nothing. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you screaming for more. I have yet to read another comic that had me this locked in from the start, and has kept me wanting it.


Issue six of Black Canary is the battle of the bands; Bo M vs Black Canary. After Dinah finds out that Maeve has a Canary Cry like her, she starts to try to get out. She rushes to the green room and starts packing her stuff, telling her bandmates to do the same. But they show her something amazing that Ditto has done; she has scribbled a wave length on the mirror, and when they scan it, it’s Dinah’s voice from the night before. This is amazing, because Ditto doesn’t speak. So her communicating in any way is amazing.


After getting over that shock, they find out that their stuff is already onstage, and the crowd is screaming for them. They go to play, but things have been tuned weird, and Bo M has some serious tricks up their sleeves. It’s more of a brawl than a battle of the bands, and it’s interesting to see them fight so much onstage.


Plus this little toss to Diana (Wonder Woman) is rad.
Plus this little toss to Diana (Wonder Woman) is rad.

But as the fighting slows, Maeve threatens to kill everyone with her cry if Black Canary doesn’t pick up their instruments and start playing. Maeve starts a cry, and Dinah follows, neither realizing that Ditto is in between them. Their cries collide and Ditto (with Kurt, who was trying to protect her) disappears.


The show ends with Maeve freaking out and apologizing, and the police coking after Black Canary. They sneak out the back, and are greeted by a limo from their record label. When they get into Gotham, they go to the tower of the record label, and tell Black Canary to go to the top floor to talk to Pike, the owner. When they get to the top, there’s a very old looking Kurt telling them that he has orchestrated the entire thing, and his composer is nearby. Ditto peaks out of the closet, and the issue ends.


See what I mean by wanting more? I can not wait for the next issue to come out, because I am losing my mind. Why is Kurt so old? How come Ditto hasn’t changed? Will she keep writing sound waves to talk? Is Amanda Waller going to show up soon to prove that she’s the problem? I don’t know, but I need to find out.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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