Appdicted: Attack the Light

Fangirls, I’m so in love with Steven Universe. The badass women, the adorable child, and the perfect songs. Plus there are tons of tasty treats to make related to it (Bageldogs and Cookie Cats, heck yeah!). But one thing I’ve wanted for a long time to (seemingly) no avail, is a game. I had heard tell of an app that I could download, and I begrudgingly downloaded it one day.


And since then, all I do is play Attack the Light. It’s a relatively simple game; you direct Steven and the Crystal Gems, and organize their fighting. It’s incredibly simple, but it’s all I do. I play it on break at work, while I’m falling asleep at night, first thing in the morning; it’s a serious appdiction. I honestly haven’t felt this attached to an app on my phone in ages, if ever! It’s a wonderfully simple and still intense game, that is perfectly Steven Universe.

You play room by room; you change rooms by swiping in whichever direction you wish to go. There is a set path, so you can not swipe in directions where there isn’t a path; you just get bounced back into nothing. But in some rooms, there are villains made of light. You (try to) defeat them by fighting.


When you aren’t ambushed, you get to attack first. Every turn you are allowed 5 star points; each character has different moves that require different amounts of star points to use, along with that character’s harmony (healthy and teamwork). After attacking, you choose to end your turn, and defend.

Defending is mostly just tapping the screen at the right time. There are little stars that pop up as you are getting attacked (and when you’re attacking). If you tap the screen while they’re up, you defend (or attack) better. You can cause more damage and keep yourself from losing more health that way.


Altogether, it’s crazy simple, but easily the most rad app on my phone. Like I mentioned before; I play it all the time. It does take a good amount of battery, but it’s totally worth it. Plus you should play it with the volume on; Steven offers encouragement to the gems, and it’s usually cute stuff like, “Pearl, you’re strong in the real way!” and it’s beautiful.











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