Lumberjanes Issue 19

I’m back in action with the Lumberjanes, Fangirls. I know it’s a bit selfish, but I really missed reviewing this because it gave me the chance to really get my Fangirl on. Lumberjanes is easily my favorite comic that I read, because it’s fun, promotes friendship between women, and includes quite a bit of supernatural “wow” that gets me excited. I love catching up on it.


In issue 19, things get more than a little crazy. I feel like it’s the perfect place for me to jump back in, as it’s the second issue of a new storyline. In it, April desperately wants to help their new Mer-friend, Harlow, get her band back together. So she goes underwater with the hopes of sneaking the band’s first recording onto the music.


Once underwater, April grabs a volunteer badge and strides right into the crowd. There, she runs into Taylor, one of the musicians in Harlow’s old band. Taylor grabs April to help out with sound check, but ends up getting booted to set up backing tracks by the band’s jerk, Carter.

After they’ve been banished by Carter, they grab some samples to bring over to the sound booth. April tries to sneak in her tape, but someone swims into her rope attaching her to the boats above. She drops all of the tapes, and shoves one in at random, hoping it’s the one she brought. Sadly, it’s not. April accidentally played a sea serpent battle cry at an incredible volume, which causes the sea serpents to go nuts. She comes back up to the surface, and the Lumberjanes are all sent rolling away with the crazy waves. Sure, she got up safely, but now everything is a mess, and it’s kind of her fault.


I think this issue was great because it showed a little more about some of the individual characters. Jo, April’s best friend, tells Ripley that though April is trying to help, she can sometimes be a bit selfish. Ripley just wants to go back to camp to get her dress ready for the Bandicoot Bacchanal, but April kept pushing them to help out the merwomen. Jen said that she thinks it’s good for April to go, because she needs to learn that she doesn’t always know what she’s getting into. It’s a bit sad, but they’re right. April is headstrong, and wants to help, but she doesn’t always consider all of the possibilities. And that can be dangerous.

This was a phenomenal issue; it put us right back into the action, and gave us things to look forward to next month. I know I’m a couple issues behind, but hang in with me Fangirls; this is going to be a wild ride.










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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