Streaming Dawn by Steve Bein

Quick story for you, Fangirls. I’ve been reading A Song of Ice and Fire and The Fated Blades series at the same time, which is difficult. I don’t have as much reading time as I’d like, and they’re both large books. So when in the middle of Disciple of the Wind, the third Fated Blades book, I see the words Streaming Dawn, I mildly panic. Streaming Dawn isn’t just  small mention, it’s also the title of a short story related to the series. So I go and buy the short story. And I’m very glad I did.



Streaming Dawn focuses on Kaida, who we met in book two Year of the Demon. When we met her, she was a twelve year old girl who had lost her mother and her arm, was tortured by her step sisters, and was desperate to leave home. She finds her escape in the Wind, who come to her small town looking for a sword in a shipwreck. The Wind forges the demon mask and connect it to the sword, Glorious Victory Unsought. Kaida makes a deal with the leader of the Wind – if she can get the sword they will take her out of town.

When we see Kaida in Streaming Dawn, she is an elderly  woman who took the journey from student to most elite member to teacher of the Wind. She remains one of their best agents, even in her old age. And she possesses Streaming Dawn, a small blade made by Inazuma that has the power to delay injuries and death. She is growing tired however, and must figure out who to give Streaming Dawn to while also attempting to complete one last mission for the Wind. In her mission, we meet some other important figures in the Fated Blades world, including Okuma Tetsuro, Daigoro’s father and owner of Glorious Victory Unsought, and Shichio, current nemesis of Daigoro.

This short story gives so much backstory in such a short length, it’s impressive. I loved seeing Kaida again, and seeing how the Okuma vs Shichio war began. It’s definitely not one to skip if you’re reading the series.

I’m also glad I read the Author’s Note at the end of Streaming Dawn. According to it, this short was meant to be in Disciple of the Wind. But the book was so long, something had to be cut. So Kaida’s story was taken out and given it’s own little novel. He even gives a guide to where it was meant to be in the book, so you can read how the manuscript was originally given.

If you’re reading the series, definitely grab Streaming Dawn before Disciple of the Wind. As for me, I’m going to return to book three.












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