Harley Quinn Issue 22

Fangirls, Harley is about to come home from Los Angeles, and things are about to get more exciting and terrifying than usual! In LA she spent a ton of Floyd Lawton’s money, both cash and card. But she gets bored, and heads back to New York, and quite the surprise is waiting for her when she gets back.


Zena Benedemova, from issue 6, is back. Her grandson spent her fortune to recreate her bod and heart, and gave her new life. After her run in with a rhino horn, she wasn’t much for life, but everything has changed, and the first words out of her mouth are “Sy Borgman and Harley Quinn must die!” That doesn’t seem like it’ll fair too well for our little princess of pain.


Instead of Goatboy picking her up from the airport, she is picked up by a Russian limousine driver. He takes her to “pick up some friends” of his, and ends up dying at the hands of those friends. A bunch of babes in white with Russian accents attack the limo; Harley barely gets out with her life. She exacts some dangerous revenge (with some serious MacGyver-ing of pencils into a crossbow), and finds out that Zena is back, and out to get her.

She makes it the rest of the way home alright, and things seem pretty normal. But when she goes to talk to Big Tony, he tells her that Mason thinks there’s a hit on him; people keep beating the trash out of him in prison. Harley recruits her Queens to help her get Mason out.

Harley calls the nursing home she works at, and finds out that Sy has also been attacked. The nurse that answers tells Harley that it looks like World War III, but with no blood. There’s hope that Sy is out there somewhere, and that things will be alright. But it looks like the Queens have a whole bunch of work to do.

This issue was jam packed with explosions and sassy Harley; it was a fantastic combination. One of my favorite pages was of Harley destroying a Joker plush that one of her Queens has as a security item. I think it’s wonderful to remind people that he treated her terribly, and that she knows that she deserves better. I get so worried when people believe that the Joker / Harley ship is unsinkable; they’re dangerous, and he’s abusive. It’s not a relationship to be idolized.

Atta girl, Harley.
Atta girl, Harley.

Fangirls, as always, I highly recommend that you pick up Harley Quinn comics. It’s a fun series, and is getting Harley into a more healthy relationship.












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