The Mighty Thor #2

When last we saw Thor aka Jane Foster, she was battling several things at once. As Jane, she is battling cancer and the chemotherapy treatments while also serving as a member of the World Council, who fear Odin as he locks his wife in jail and searches endlessly for this new Thor. As Thor, she faces off against Malekith, who is forming his own council of villains. Oh, and did I mention that this villains council is considering allowing Loki in? Because they are.

mighty thor 6

We enter with Loki and Laufey having….father son bonding time? Not really. Laufey is taking Loki to his test to prove himself worthy of Malekith’s council. Meanwhile, Thor is battling the new Thunder Guard set up by Odin. She gets a little help from Heimdall, who naturally knows everything and knows that this new Thor is meant to be. He sends her to safety and accepts his punishment of treason.

He sends her to Alfheim, where she is truly needed. Light elves are fighting dark elves to the last, and Thor sees how needed she is. Malekith knows she has come.

mighty thor 7

The Enchantress offers Malekith her help, but he has a different job for her. Loki, meanwhile, passes his test to the amazement of Laufey. Thor joins the side of the Light Elves when Loki comes to her wanting to talk. And issue 2 is over.

mighty thor 8

So, can Thor trust Loki? Is this Loki the usual Loki or is he the more recent Loki, the one who learned a great personal lesson and grew from it before the Secret Wars happened? Only future issues will tell.













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