Captain Marvel Issue 1

Guess who’s back/back again? Carol’s back/tell your friends! Captain Marvel is back with an all new team and an all new storyline, and I’m incredibly excited about it. One issue in and our girl has already kicked the perfect amount of butt; I love it.


Carol Danvers has taken a job as the commander of the Alpha Flight Space Station for two years; she’ll be orbiting earth and keeping it safe; making sure that space oddities (everything from asteroids to alien attack ships) don’t reach earth. Rhodey has some worries that it’ll be a boring desk job, but Carol seems pretty confident.


That is, until she has to have a talk about waste removal on her first day. Luckily, a group of rather large asteroids is hurtling towards earth, so she jumps at the chance of field time. After smashing the smaller asteroids and sending the largest deeper into space, Danvers returns aboard. There, she finds out that there was an energy signature on the asteroid she threw; a signature that matched the aliens who were talking her ear off about trash removal.


She has them put into cells, but her talk with them is halted as a much larger ship is approaching them. She and her team take out their guns and overheat their engines, and when Captain Marvel rips a door off to see who is inside, she’s taken aback, as the ship is full of skeletons, and her symbol is on the door.


The issue ends there, but I was nowhere near ready for that. It was beautiful and kept me on the edge of my seat. Though Kelly Sue DeConnick is no longer a part of the Captain Marvel team, I can see why she entrusted these new folks with Carol. Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have me so excited for the story they’re writing, and I’m in love with Chris Anka’s art. It’s fun to have Carol back in my monthly reads, and I hope she stays there for a long time.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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