Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Fangirls, I picked this book up because I have a weird love of teen romance stories. I don’t want that gross intensity of adult romance reads, I want cute cliches of teenage life. Signs Point to Yes was exactly that!


Signs Point to Yes is a young adult novel about Jane Connelly and her summer. She’s about to go into her senior year of high school, and is dealing with her parents pushing her to college, babysitting the boy next door’s younger sisters, and keeping up on writing fanfiction. It’s a pretty good mix of nerdery, love, and awkward teenage-ness.

I really like books about summer. I love feeling the months go by, and this was a book that really emphasized how short summer can feel. When you’re in high school (especially nearing your final year) everything feels like it’s speeding by. It can be really difficult and scary, to say goodbye to your childhood and hello to college applications, and Signs Point to Yes really hit that nail on the head.

Throughout SPtY, Jane finds the man that she thinks could be the mystery father of the boy next door, and that makes things crazy. The ending surprised me more than it should have, but it’s not something I want to spoil for you. Signs Point to Yes is a fun, quick read that will bring back memories of summer love, and remember how fast everything moves. I really enjoyed it, and think it’s something you will too.











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