Heroes Reborn Part 2

Well, Fangirls, here is the last ever Heroes post. Heroes Reborn has ended, and boy was that final episode emotional. I have a lot of thoughts so let’s jump right in.

heroes 3

So all our heroes must converge on Odessa, Texas once more to save the world from an extinction level solar flare. Of course there are many bumps along the way, and not all our heroes survive the battle. I will say, I came to care about all of the characters. The new characters were well done for a first season. Seeing the old characters again was obviously a great treat. I do feel like Matt Parkman’s character was taken down the wrong path completely and he should have been redeemed. But if that’s my only character complaint, so be it.

Erica, the main antagonist, had an episode about why she is the way she is, and it was compelling and her backstory made her understandable. Unfortunately we never got to see what became of her daughter Taylor, but I think that’s the only thing not wrapped up besides the cliffhanger.

Even more compelling was Quentin and Phoebe. We got to know these two first with Dark Matters, and that was really a good idea considering what happened with them. They both went dark side, and Quentin came back to the good side but never wanted to give up on his sister. I love those two and I would have loved more on them.

The nostalgia of everything was wonderful as well. Seeing all the original characters, being back in Odessa, the parallels to the original theme of having everyone come together. All of that was fantastic.

Unfortunately, that’s all that we’re getting. NBC decided to end Heroes Reborn before it could truly begin. And they even let it end on a cliffhanger with Tommy and Malina getting an ominous warning that their father was returning. But who is their father? How will they continue with their lives? Will the world finally accept evos? Well I guess none of those questions will be answered.

Heroes Reborn was a great start on the path to reviving this fantastic franchise. I truly enjoyed it, and I would have loved to see it continue on with all these new heroes. Sadly, that won’t be happening.











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