Cleopatra in Space, Book One: Target Practice by Mike Maihack

Fangirls, I had seen this book sometimes online and at my comic shop, but it never really jumped out at me. But at Baltimore Comic Con a couple months ago, I stopped by Maihack’s table to pick up some gorgeous Hermione and Batgirl prints, and saw his comic, Cleopatra in Space on his table. I grabbed that, with my prints, and went on my way.


Finally, I got around to reading it, and I’m so glad that I picked it up! Book One of Cleopatra in Space introduces readers to Cleopatra, yes that Cleopatra, on the eve of her 15th birthday. Frustrated with her algebra lessons, she slips chamomile into her teacher’s tea, and sneaks out. She meets up with her partner in crime, Goki, and they go slingshotting. After a particularly skilled shot, Cleopatra knocks down a huge pile, finding a tomb door. After opening it, she touches an ancient text and is transported far into the future.

In the future, she has been foretold as a savior, who will save everyone from the Xerx who have destroyed technology and are taking over. But since she’s just 15, she still has to go to school. After a couple months pass, she has learned she has a strong aptitude for combat and target practice. Soon after, she takes her midterm; a test not really for a grade, but to see if she is truly the messiah that was foretold. She does an exceptional job; fighting off a tribe of adorable cat-things, and a horde of robot mummies.


This comic is ridiculously good, I will be ordering the second trade as soon as I finish typing this up. It stars a young female, which is incredible and exciting. And she’s badass! She’s powerful, feminine, and seems to be enjoying herself. It’s phenomenal, and reminds me that it’s important to have these types of role models for young ladies everywhere.

If you’re looking for a sci-if comic for yourself or a young friend, this is perfect for you. There are tons of cats, a killer lady lead, and a genuinely fun read. I highly recommend this, and can’t wait to get my hands on the next couple trades.


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