The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Issue 3

So Victor Von Doom just shows up out of the past and expects everyone to bow to him, what’s up with that?


He busts through a wall, scaring the pants off of Nancy (luckily she’s wearing a skirt), and about to kill everybody, but she keeps him at bay for a hot minute. She also saves his butt twice; once from Jubilee and once from Punisher, but she tells them that it’s just a spot on Doctor Doom cosplay, and they leave him be. Nancy then convinces him to take her back to the 60’s, where Doreen / Squirrel Girl is. She tells him that she can promise that Squirrel Girl will never attack him again if he does this for her, and that it’s super important that they head out because SG is planning on attacking Baby Von Doom so he never gets so strong.


So they go back, and land directly in the middle of the Future Pals first meeting. They’re all realizing that they’re in the same situation, but no one recognizes anyone else from their classes. It’s explained that they don’t recognize each other because as they were erased from their timelines, they didn’t exist, so no one would notice that someone who didn’t exist went missing! It’s scary how clever that is.


Doom calls for Squirrel Girl, so Doreen fast changes and comes out to kick his butt. Nancy then explains the deal they made, and Squirrel Girl respects it. But when Doom blasts her across the street, things change. She saves all of the future pals by throwing them into a pool 4 blocks away, and after realizing that she can’t change the current timeline (Wikipedia says that Doom is supreme ruler and hasn’t been defeated, plus he’s super great), joins the Future Pals. It’s definitely tough to see her so dismayed, but she can work through it, right?


I hope so, because with Doctor Doom as a leader, the future is not at all bright. This issue was rad as heck, but I was expecting a happier ending. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the happy ending will come with the next issue. It’s intense, seeing the fighting and excitement and everything, but I am definitely worried for everyone.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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