Disciple of the Wind by Steve Bein

Fangirls, I have finished the third book in the Fated Blades series, Disciple of the Wind, and I love everything. This book was fabulous for so many reasons. I love it, I love the book on its own, I love the series as a whole. I just love it.



In this third novel, our protagonist Mariko Oshiro finds herself in a ton of trouble. After the events of the second book, her captain (another misogynistic asshole who’s even worse than the one in the first book) has smeared her name to try and keep the public in the dark about the dangers surrounding Japan. A terrorist group called the Divine Wind, led by Joko Daishi, has plans for the city, and only Mariko and Han know the full truth thanks to Yamada’s notes. After several awful encounters with her captain, Mariko finds herself on the brink of a decision; stick to her morals as a police officer or join the Wind and stop Joko Daishi their way.

Meanwhile, in 1588, our other protagonist Daigoro has turned ronin in order to protect his family and to finally stop Shichio’s hunt. His wife Aki and his companion Katsushima stay by his side and help him in his quest. He finds another and unlikely ally in Nene, wife to Hideyoshi. She despises Shichio and though she thinks Daigoro could also be a threat, she aligns herself – in a way – to help him end the hunt once and for all.

First thing I loved in this, was all of the characters. Every single character was fleshed out so well by author Steve Bein and it’s incredible. Aki and Nene are two of my favorites. They prove themselves to be powerful resourceful women who will do what it takes to protect their husbands.

Another fantastic new piece is that not only do out protagonists have chapters, their various antagonists now have chapters as well. So it was a new look into the characters who we’ve known for at least two books now.

This book was so hard to put down. Every time I had to stop to go back into normal life I was so sad. I just wanted to read. There were several surprises throughout the book where I just dropped my jaw. One plot twist had me drop my book; I realized the revelation coming before it was spelled out and I just plopped down my book and stared into space.

Disciple of the Wind was fabulous. It was completely on par with the first book of the series. I love it. And I sadly have no idea if there’s going to be more in the series. I really hope there will be because I don’t want it to just be a trilogy, I want the full history of the relics and swords and I want to keep seeing how everyone goes through life. This series is easily one of the best I’ve read, and I definitely recommend everyone read it.











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