Scarlet Witch #2

Fangirls, from the first couple of pages I was in love with this issue! Why? Because it focuses on Greek mythology. This issue features such characters as the Minotaur and the goddess Hekate. Ah, I love mythologies.

Scarlet Witch 4

So, the minotaur is wreaking havoc at the same time that Wanda decides to go visit Hekate, goddess of crossroads, witchcraft, and many other things. Wanda goes looking for some wisdom and advice.

The conversation between Wanda and Hekate is both story moving and simply profound. Wanda reveals to Hekate that she has changed, trying to make herself new, and that she is taking new medicine for depression. Hekate reveals that she is content in her life, but partially longs for the days of old. Important moments in these conversations are shown in black and white to emphasize the strength of what’s happening.

They discuss the fracture in magic, how strongly they both feel it. Wanda worries she is the cause of magic’s fracture, but Hekate – even though her connection has weakened – doesn’t agree. She informs Wanda about the Minotaur, believing that the broken magic is what summoned the Minotaur back to Greece. Wanda agrees to fight the Minotaur and goes on the hunt.

Scarlet Witch 8

She finds his true identity and heals him, ending the spell that made him the monster. As Wanda ponders who could have used such strong magic to summon the Minotaur, an Irish man has gone to Hekate and destroyed her. And issue two is over.

Issue three is promising to take us to Ireland, my favorite place on Earth. I cannot wait.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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