The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

There are some books, Fangirls, that are fabulous and beautiful. There are some that are not as wonderful. Books have so many categories, made entirely personally by book lovers. Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train to me falls under predictable but so compelling.


The Girl on the Train focuses on Rachel, a woman who has become severely depressed and alcoholic. She rides the train every day, and every day passes by a house that appears to show a happily married couple. She names them Jason and Jess and imagines what their perfect life is, wishing she could have that again. And then one day, she sees something that shatters the illusion. And the day after that, “Jess” goes missing. Rachel involves herself into the mystery, which may or may not help everything.

Like I said, I personally found parts of the story predictable, but that never stopped me from flying through this book. The narratives are wonderfully written, each character – whether they’re narrators in the story or not –  are fleshed out enough for the readers to connect. And the climax of the story is so so compelling, I stayed up to finish the book.

The Girl on the Train is a quick, compelling mystery that is hard to put down. It can be found at any book store or as an e-book. And even if you read it and see what’s coming, don’t give it up. Keep reading it and enjoy the narrative of Paula Hawkins debut novel.












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