Moves Like Jager Solid Bubble Bath from Fortune Cookie Soap

Fangirls, I’m sure we’d all love to have those moves like Jager.  I’m not entirely sure this bubble bath will give them to you (it didn’t for me, anyways), but you should probably check it out for yourself.


When I order from Fortune Cookie Soap, I always look forward to an extremely scented package.  It always smells so fresh and ready to go, and what’s better on a chilly fall day that a nice warm bath?  Nothing.  I was really excited to try this out, because the site said that it smells like Mountain Dew and black licorice, a combo I hadn’t ever tried out, but I’m very happy I did.


It smelled amazing.  Even though the site promises “loads of bubbles,”  I wasn’t super impressed by the bubbles I got the first time.  The site also says that the solid bubble baths can be used for 2 baths, I tried it a second time, and still not a ton of bubbles, but amazingly strong scent.  I really enjoyed using this solid bubble bath.  It was my first time using a solid bubble bath, and though I lacked bubbles, my bath smelled amazing, and I came out quite relaxed.


One thing that was definitely not relaxing about this bath was the amount of black glitter that was on the product.  On FCS’ site, the solid bubble bath product doesn’t seem to have that much for glitter on it, but mine was completely covered.  Since I assume many places are like Lush (where everything dissolves into the water after a bit), I wasn’t too worried about it.  But by the end of my bath, all of it had migrated to the sides of my tub, and I had to get it all off.  There was a lot.

Too much glitter.
Too much glitter.

Ages ago, I had heard that you can cut the foot off of a pair of pantyhose, and put your bubble bars and bombs in it.  I had heard that this would improve bubbles, and keep my hands from burning off (I run my baths way too hot).  I tried it out on my second use of Moves Like Jager, and learned that it saved my hands, but also my tub.  After I got out, I saw that there was no glitter residue, and I was so happy.  So it’s worth tearing up some old stockings for.


I wasn’t happy with the glitter.  It felt messy and wasteful, and a couple days later I was still finding black glitter on me.  I think I’ve got to stay away from anything with glitter on it, because I am just not into it.  So if you aren’t afraid of a little glitter (in it’s defense, I didn’t need to scrape hard to get it off, it came off easily), and you like sweet scents, you should go grab one of these bad boys for only $4.50.  It smells fantastic, and had me dancing (not quite) like Jager!












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