Black Canary Issue 7

First of all Fangirls, there is nothing like the art of this series. Annie Wu is absolutely destroying the art, and making it so beautifully unique; I can not get enough of it. Second of all, I want to relax and take a breather now that I understand Ditto a bit more, but the way this issue ends, it’s impossible to do anything but to move to the edge of my seat.


Issue 7 starts with some explanation. Kurt says that Ditto is a part of an alien race, but she’s the only one of her kind. She’s sound, solidified into an actual form. But her race is usually not solid, so they took her as a threat, and they want to destroy her. The massive blast from Dinah and Bo disrupted Ditto; being sound, other sounds can really affect her. Since Kurt ran to her right before she was disrupted, she brought him with her. They ended up in a different time and place, and went from there.


It seems as they went far into the past; far enough for Kurt to have built up a company to have enough money to have air transport and be able to afford things like a stadium full of sound equipment. It is also visible because of his age. He’s much older, and has lost (at least) his sight. But he still has a lot to say. He explains that there is much to do; Black Canary must play in Gotham Stadium to lure the Quietus (a giant creature of sound sent to destroy Dittoo), and defeat it. The goal is to disrupt it the way they disrupted Ditto, and to do that, they’ll need one more voice.


Bo Maeve shows up, and instantly all of Black Canary is up in arms. All of them threaten her except Byron, who just looks incredibly hurt. Kurt explains the necessity of her presence, and moments later, they have another unexpected (and unwanted) visitor; Amanda Waller. She’s there to take Ditto, but Kurt explains to her that Black Canary needs to play, at least once more, to keep Ditto and the rest of our world safe. So, they play.


BC7-6The Quietus shows up, and is bizarrely terrifying. It looks, just as Kurt explained, like a giant sound wave. As Black Canary starts to play, the Quietus sucks the sound from them. This really affects Ditto, as sound is all that she is, So Dinah chucks her mic stand at the Quietus. The band, let by the newly appeared woman in white, also start throwing things. They throw the high hats from the drum set, then run up and bang on them. Then, the Canary Cries come out.



Waller points the amps towards the Quietus, so that it’ll be hit with both frequencies. It is and is destroyed. As the team celebrates, Waller tells Kurt that she will need to take Ditto, after they’ve celebrated a bit, but Kurt offers himself, as he has some of her in him. We then see Dinah in a bed, juxtaposed with a younger version of herself. The woman in white is over her, telling her that she is ending where she started, in her first home. She shouldn’t move, due to injuries, but is safe. This interaction has me thinking that it’s Dinah’s mother, the first Black Canary. I think a mother-daughter team would be rad as hell.

Issue 7 was incredible. They closed up a fair few questions, but really moved right into a whole new batch of them. What the heck is happening with Canary? Why does Waller want Ditto? Also, why is Kurt willing to take Ditto’s place? Is the woman in white Dinah’s mother? We’ll have to wait, won’t we?












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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