A-Force #1

Finally, Fangirls, FINALLY we get to return to one of my favorite series’ of the fall, A-Force. This was a series about some of Marvel’s greatest female heroes (and villains) becoming one team. The team included Carol Danvers, She-Hulk, Medusa, and so many others. I was so happy this series was coming back after the Secret Wars ended, and I cannot wait to see how the A-Force will come together again.

a-force 13

Battleworld is gone, as is the memory of all that existed there. But one still remembers. Singularity, the girl made of stars who came to the A-Force and was saved by them, and saved them in return, survives and remembers. She is in pain and does not know what to do, so she decides to go and find her former friends, the A-Force. But there’s a problem. Singularity discovers after finding Captain Marvel that the women don’t remember her or their team.

a-force 14

She wants to help them remember, but before she can do that the source of her pain, a creature made of anti-matter, materializes. Carol goes to fight the monster, and when Singularity tries to help she senses something else and crashes on Earth. Anti-matter has followed her and is trying to attack her when she senses another friend, Jennifer aka She-Hulk. She doesn’t remember Singularity either, but there’s no time to think on that when Anti-Matter attacks.

a-force 15

Jennifer joins the fight alongside Singularity, as does Medusa. Singularity is pleased to see Medusa alive and well, until Medusa suggests giving Singularity to the Anti-matter creature. And now we wait for issue two.

I’m thrilled. I loved the first iteration of this team and I can’t wait to see how Singularity will bring them back together. Will Medusa change and be a friend again? Will Nico be the one to remember Singularity since they were so close in Battleworld? I can’t wait to see what’s coming.










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