Harley Quinn Issue 23

Fangirls, the Clown Queen of Crime is absolutely killing it (pun intended). She’s got the mayor in a bit of a vice, working it with the Harley Gang, and about to go bust Mason out of prison. But she gets a call from a not-so-deceased enemy, and has to change her plans.


Zena Bendemova, the woman Harley helped Sy kill (whose grandson then brought back to life) is back, and a threat to Sy. Sh calls Harley from a bowling alley to let her know that she’s bowling into Sy Borgman, and looking to do the same with good ol’ HQ. So Harley gets dressed for the occasion, grabs Hanuquinn (Sy’s nice), and gets the heck over there.


When they get to the bowling alley, Harley peeks through the window to see if Zena is waiting for her, and sees something not so great. When Hanuquinn pushes past her to see what’s going on, she regrets it almost instantly. Sy and Zena, apparently, have a romantic history, and have fallen back into the throes of that. When Harley comes in ready to fight, Zena is ready to take her down, until Sy convinces them otherwise. The four go out to lunch, where Harley and Hanuquinn learn that Sy and Zena are going to the Bahamas, where they can fight off mutual enemies without civilian danger or interference. They are wished luck by the Quinns, and they head back to prep for the Mason plan.


Harley gets all dressed up in her Dr Quinzel gear, and goes with Harvey Quinn (also in a suit) to the correctional facility that Mason is being held at. They tell the guard that they’re there to do some work for the mayor, and beat him up when he starts talking about how glad he is that they’re there to kill Mason. Harvey takes over the guard’s post and uniform, while Harley goes to the showers to find Mason.


She finds him, and it seems just in time, as he is getting beaten to a pulp. I don’t know if the inmates think it’s some kind of Suicide Squad thing, where their sentences will be reduced for doing the mayor’s bidding, but they are working hard on putting Mason in a lot of pain. Harley returns the favor, but Mason is too injured to be busted out. So Harley pulls some strings and gets him transferred out of state. When she gets home, Madame Macabre tells her that she’s just found out that Mason has been transferred to Arkham.


Obviously Arkham Asylum isn’t a good place, but I’m worried about the other inmates there more than at other prisons. Goodness knows I’m not a fan of the Joker, especially when it comes to his relationship with Harley. I’m worried that Mason will end up being around him, and it’ll suck for everyone involved. I don’t want to read about the Joker finally starting to care about Harley, and hurting Mason over it. But we’ll have to wait and see. I know I’m a bit behind, but I’m loving it, and I feel great to be reading about Harley kicking everyone’s butt all the time.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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