Captain Marvel Issue 2

First of all, Fangirls, can we just talk about how pretty this comic is? It’s very clean, and the line work is beautiful. Plus the covers are totally jaw dropping. It’s amazing. And the content? Holy guacamole.


Last time we were with Captain Marvel, she and her new team were boarding a foreign ship with Captain Marvel’s star on it. It looked to have some dead aboard, which made it easier to approach and board, but when they got there, something alive was detected.

CM2-3The team goes into a room that stinks, and some slimy dudes fall from the ceiling. They don’t look dangerous, they’re actually almost cute. Kawasaki takes one for study, but they move on. They end up splitting up; the gents go up to what looks like a control room, to see if they can get the ship moving. Since it seems to have been alive, they resuscitate it, and immediately the ship starts attacking.




It kind of really surprised me how quickly the ship took action against the team. It scans everyone (in their separate locations), and attacks. Blast doors slam shut to try to keep them prisoner, while lasers, gas, and giant bug things go off at our favorite crew. They get out, just barely, and when they get back on board their ship, Kawasaki is taken away for questioning. The ship was being piloted from inside their ship, so they need to look into every possibility.


The issue ends with Captain Marvel’s wounds not healing (they usually heal very quickly), and her passing out from what seems to be blood loss. It’s incredibly worrisome; Captain Marvel is super powerful and quite the impressive hero, seeing her taken down is something to worry about.

I think this series is jumping right into the story in the most wonderful way. They’ve got me worried for Kawasaki, intrigued about relationships on the ship (Sasquatch and Aurora, apparently used to be a “thing”), and very curious about the ship that attacked. I guess I’ll have to wait though!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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