Personal Nail Wraps

Alright, Fangirls. Yesterday I raved about how pumped I am to be trying out Personail 100% Nail Wraps this past week, and I wasn’t kidding. These adorable little nail wraps have taken over my life, and I can’t get enough of them. I ordered 3 sets from Personail a couple weeks ago, and got mine in last week. I considered waiting awhile to put them on, but once I checked them out, I couldn’t leave them in their packages.

Shown are the “Comic” nails, but I also purchased “Meow” (cats), and GURL by Mel Stringer, an Australian artist I follow on Instagram.

All the way from Australia, these nail wraps have the goal of simplifying the nail portion of your beauty routine. They’re basically stickers, that cover your entire nail, instead of polish. It’s a rad idea. I was (honestly) incredibly nervous about trying to put these bad boys on. I have shaken hands, especially when it comes to nail polish, and I am not the best at putting things on straight. I’ve used the imPress Press On Nails several times, and I still can’t always get them right. So I ordered these bad babes on a whim, and realized that I didn’t think I could put them on.


Here we are, though, 5 days later, and the nail wraps are still going strong. Putting them on was far easier than I thought; you simply remove any polish from your nails, clean and dry your hands, and get to work! Decide which wrap will fit best over each nail ahead of time, then start by taking the clear sticker off of the top of the wrap. After that, you’ll want to take the silver backing paper off, and put the wrap (rounded side towards your cuticle) on your nail. What I really found helpful, was that as long as you didn’t press the wrap down on your nail, you could remove and readjust the placement of it.


After you’ve placed each wrap, smooth it down your nail, starting from the cuticle. You don’t want to stretch it, but you want to be sure that it’s as smooth as possible all over your nail. Otherwise, you’ll end up with wrinkles or bubbles, which are kind of weird. Next, you should file the tip of each wrap off, and give it a clear topcoat, to help it last longer. And guess what? That’s it!

I’m a big fan of making things easier on myself, and I am terrible at waiting for my nails to dry. I feel like there’s always something as soon as I finish painting my nails. So I found these wraps super helpful. It speeds up my nail care days immensely, and makes my life far easier.

When I first put these on, I was worried about them getting ruined with water, or having part of the wrap pull up, get caught in my hair, and rip off. Luckily, that wasn’t an issue. Thanks to the top coat of clear polish, these cuties have stayed nice and neat all week (so far). I’m glad they’re working so easily. I’m also a big fan of the variety in designs.

Another thing that truly stood out to me, was a part of the packaging. There’s a quote, that I fell in love with instantly on each package. It reads “A woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying.” It floored me. This company is for women by a woman, and I’m so glad that it exists with such a badass message. I highly recommend Personail Nail Wraps, and encourage anyone who has issues with nail polish chipping or taking too long to dry, check out Personail.











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