Cat woman Issue 48

Oh goodness, it’s been some time since we’ve talked Catwoman, hasn’t it Fangirls? Almost two months because I was in too much of a vacation mode last month and totally blanked on doing my work. But here we are, again, and Catwoman is looking like she’s in deep trouble.


When we last left off, Selina had just lifted the biggest score of her career, and brought it to her fence. When she got there, her fence (Louis) was dead, and soon after, cops were there. She was set up, but by who?

She gets out of Louis’ place unscathed, surprisingly. Luckily, she does figure out his murderer before doing so. She calls out the cop who did it (she knew thanks to the blood on his shirt), and she doesn’t seem like a big fan of his, so I’m guessing he’ll be showing up again. After that, she flees to a safe house, dyes her hair, and does some digging with Tesla.


They find out that the killing cop used to work for Frost, the place where she stole the diamond from. She also finds out that he gambles at Oswald Copperpot’s den, so she goes right to that source. There, she learns (from the bird himself), that Oswald owns the Frost corporation, and that she stole from him. When he demands that she return the diamond she laughs in his face, and asks more questions. Not being one to take no for an answer, the Penguin has Clayface hold her down while he asks more questions.


Of course, Catwoman doesn’t take that. She slashes Clayface apart before going inside his mouth to really mess him up. After leaving, she meets up with Killer Croc because he promised her information, but it looks like he’s more interested in the million dollar bounty that’s been put on her head.


Though this issue opened up a lot of new doors, it wasn’t my favorite. I know everyone in it is a crook, but I feel like they burned as many bridges as possible with this; Penguin was working with the Calabrese family (and still is), but he went after Selina, and Killer Croc saved her life not ten issues ago, but now he wants to collect the bounty. It seems more harsh than the Killer Croc we saw a couple issues ago, and that has me a bit bummed. Altogether, though, it was a good issue; it opened a lot of doors for future issues, and who knows what’s going to happen next.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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