Appdicted: Fitbit

Okay Fangirls, in my quest for becoming healthier this year (definitely a quest, not a resolution), I have been doing my walking and exercises every day. Last week, my mum and I went on a quest for a fitbit for her, but since nowhere sells the one that she wants (there’s a specific model, and she wants it in orange, which you can only buy online), I ended up coming home with a fitbit. I got the Flex in Slate, because blue-grey will go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I was quite surprised when she offered, but of course I jumped at the opportunity. Now I could see if I was walking as much daily as I should be, and if not, I could remedy it.

My steps are as of 5:39 this morning, so there aren’t too many yet.

So since Thursday, I’ve been working to get to know the fitbit through it’s app, and advice from friends. It’s an incredibly helpful little machine; it not only tracks steps, but also sleep, exercise, you can input your water and calorie intake daily. It’s a lot. I’m not using all of the pieces to it yet, but I’m getting there.

Walking is the original reason I said yes to a fitbit gift. It counts your daily steps, and cheers for you if you meet the daily goal of 10,000 steps. I was a bit worried that 10,000 would be a lot, but then I remembered that my 3DS has a step counter too, and it takes me about 4,000 steps to get to work. So, just do that 2 1/2 times a day, and I’m set. I am finding, though, that my days off, or the nights when I close the store are more difficult, as I get a ride home on closing shifts, and I don’t move much on my days off. But it’s pushing me to change that. It made me leave my house this past Sunday (which are my days off from both work and exercise), which was big, and I already have plans for my walk to the grocery store for tomorrow (my other day off).


I’ve been tracking exercise with it, but it really only accepts cardio as exercise. I use my walks to and from work to push myself, and track that exercise (which is so rad, because it tracks your location and speed, so you can compare the differences). It gives you an exercise goal per week also; 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week. Totally doable, since I work about a 30 minute walk away, 5 days a week.

I can track my water and caloric intake as well. I have been trying to remember my water, but calories are out the window. I know nothing of counting calories, and I’m not quite ready to take that next step with it, but I will be doing it in a month or so.

My absolute favorite part of the fitbit, though, is the social aspect. You can join up with friends who also have fitbits, see their set counts, and even challenge them. I’m currently working on the Workweek Hustle with some of my favorite dudes, and I’ve got to take the lead back! It’s a fun way to remind yourself to push it, as you deal with the week.

Though fit bits aren’t the cheapest technology, they’re super neat. I wear mine constantly (except in the shower, as they’re not waterproof), and I was worried that I would forget to put it on, and lose out on a day’s steps. Nope! Since it tracks your sleep for you (how many times you wake up, were restless, or getting good sleep), I sleep with it on, do my morning exercises, take it off to shower, and put it right back on, I don’t forget it ever. Plus, I know that there are challenges to win, so I’ve got to make sure it’s on, so I can get every single step tracked, towards my butt-kicking goal.

If you’re considering a fitbit, definitely do you research first. There are lots of options, and you’ll want to make sure you get one that suits your needs. My mum, for example, really wants the Surge because it has an altimeter on it, and she hikes all of the time. For more information on fitbit, you can check out the website here.











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One thought on “Appdicted: Fitbit

  1. Love fit bits! I’m a personal trainer and a lot of my clients will challenge each other for steps or have even added their doctor. It also helps both of us to have a easy way to see how hard they are working throughout the session when the heart rate is displayed. Such a motivating and handy tool to use! 🙂

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