Rebooting Television Shows

Fangirls, a lot of shows I watched as a child and teenager are coming back in new forms. Boy Meets World became Girl Meets World, Full House became Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls has a reboot on the way. And you know what? I am loving it.


Let’s break this down by show. In the 90s, Boy Meets World taught me that some friends will last forever, first loves can be right or wrong, and the right teachers can change your lives. It taught me that family should always be on your side, but to stick up for yourself against all odds. Boy Meets World was and still is one of the best shows created, in my opinion. And Girl Meets World is on the path to become just like it’s predecessor. I’ve been watching it since the beginning, and even though it’s a children’s show it hits viewers in the heart with almost every episode. This show hits all the right notes. It shows how friendships can survive through anything, even the biggest of changes. It shows how family once again sticks by each other. It’s truly one of the greatest shows for children right now.

Now, Fuller House is great for a whole different reason. It follows the same plot as the original, and even though parts of it are more adult, it still holds all the cheese and comedy that the original had. Plus, it has some great meta jokes. I just finished it, and it just got renewed for another season, which I can’t wait to watch. It’s cute and fun and it’s great to see these characters as adults.


And soon, Gilmore Girls will be returning for a four episode stint, and I cannot wait. Listen, if you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls go find it and watch it. It’s one of the greatest female led shows ever created. It’s all about a mother and daughter who rely on themselves and each other for everything. They live in the smallest of small towns filled with quirky characters. At it’s core, Gilmore Girls is about family, friends, and love. And I’m thrilled for it’s return.


I don’t know how many shows are going to get the reboot. But I know at least these three will have me as a fan for a long time.










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