The Mighty Thor #3

So much happens in issue three, Fangirls. Thor and Loki might both have changed. War is escalating. And the last page….well that foreshadows nothing good. So let’s jump in.

Mighty Thor 9

We pick up right where we left off, with Loki and Thor discussing the matters of the realms. Loki assures her that, like Thor, he too has changed. It looks like the authors are going to connect this to the Loki: Agent of Asgard series, which I read and loved. To sum up, it was all about how Loki, reborn once again, wanted to stop being the always liar, always trickster, always bad guy. He wanted to try being the hero, and he proved to himself that he could do it. When I saw Loki coming back in this Thor series, I was worried they would erase that entire story line. But maybe they aren’t. Loki reveals that he wants to work with Thor to end the war. But Jane doesn’t believe him.

mighty thor 10

Loki summons his other selves as protection against Thor, and we get a battle between fem!Loki and Jane!Thor. As they fight, the real Loki tries to convince his other selves that this new path is for the best, but they all speak their distaste at this new leaf. The real Loki doesn’t want to listen and starts fighting with himself, literally.

mighty thor 11

Thor dispatches all of the other Lokis and discovers that Loki was sent as a distraction so the Dark Elves could gather and attack Thor. To save herself and Loki and thousands of Light Elves, Jane truly becomes one with Thor.

mighty thor 12

In the end, Loki is left with an unconscious falling Jane, and Freya is being put on trial in front of Odin. Things are looking grim for our Asgardian deities. Until issue 4 then.











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