Squirrel Girl Issue 4

Aw nuts, Fangirls. This issue is where stuff gets done, and I’m so excited to be reading Squirrel Girl again. Breaks between reviews are tough, but there are so many comics, and so little time! A Fangirl’s gotta do what a Fangirl’s gotta do.


After being tossed a couple buildings over by Squirrel Girl, the tim warped computer science students have to create a plan. They decide that the best way to defeat Doom is to take away his number one toy; the time machine. Doreen’s suggestion of going to the past and teaming up with dinosaurs is by far my favorite of the bunch, but they decide that the first thing they do should be to actually steal the machine; then they can figure out when to go in it.


So while Doreen goes off to steal a time machine (no biggie), her compatriots work on a failsafe; EMPs. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and is a rather dangerous thing, especially for robots. They build them in hopes of disrupting Doom and anything he has with him.


But when Doreen gets in with the time  machine, Doom catches her; he put the time machine in neutral, so her attempt to get in was pretty futile. He shows her that instead of trying to blend in in the past, he is going to force the past to catch up with him. He’s been working on Doombots and technology that will get these past-people up to speed, and realize him for the genius that he is. It’s a damn good plan.


When the other CS students come in with their EMPs, they are disappointed to find that they don’t work. Doom has activated his Doombots, and it seems like all is lost until a mysterious, Doom-dressed figure comes through the time machine. Guess who?


I’m so excited for the next issue. Every time I read Squirrel Girl, I yell “heck yeah!” at least three times. If you’re not reading it, change that now.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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