Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush

There’s nothing like a hot soak after a long day of work and video games. Fangirls, ages ago I bought the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush, and it slowly fell to the bottom of my Lush basket. It sat and waited for me to find it again, and the other day I finally did! It had been so long since I had purchased it that I no longer knew the name of it, and had to look it up. I felt really foolish about that, and will be labelling my Lush bags from now on.


This sweet little number was something I got really excited for when I was in a Lush shop, and remembered that I had one from quite some time back, so I went home and took a bath with it. I’ve been trying not to by more bath products until I get through my current stock, because I have quite the pile that’s unused. I know there are duplicates in there, accompanied by ones that I have no idea what they are. This was one, but the Lush site is so easy to maneuver, I found it rather quickly.

The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar is a deliciously sweet scented bubble bar that makes a good number of bubbles, but has a surprising amount of weird, rock like things in it. Thankfully, these pieces aren’t hard like rocks, but rather smooth; they’re chunks of almond and cocoa butter! Those little chunks are wonderful, because they make your body silky smooth, and a joy to touch.


I wasn’t really astounded by the bubbles from this bar, but I think that’s a problem on my end, not Lush’s. I have a rather low flow faucet, which means the water pressure isn’t crazy high. If the water pressure were higher, I think I would get far more bubbles from this beauty. As it is, though, I like the fewer bubbles, because they don’t interfere I’m on my phone in the tub usually, I don’t want bubbles getting all over that!).

Altogether, this made for a lovely bath. I was mildly surprised that the bath wasn’t pink, but I have no qualms about that, since it still smelled absolutely scrumptious! It was very similar to Fairy Dust, my absolute favorite Lush product. If you’re intrigued by the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, you can grab one here for just under $8!











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