Batgirl 46

Fangirls, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve read Batgirl. I tend to like to write a lot of my stuff beforehand, so I have time to get ahead instead of stressing about writing in the mornings, so a couple months back I wrote a whole bunch of Batgirl stuff, and haven’t touched it since. Until today, where I welcomed the comforting style and colors of Batgirl back onto my eyes. Its a dang phenomenal series, and there’s really not much out there like it.


Issue 46 is an exciting one to jump back into the saddle with; Babs and Frankie are trying to figure out who is forcing people out of their homes in Burnside. They speak to an older woman who worries that something will happen to her boy if she talks, so she’s quite mum. When she’s attacked the next night, Batgirl’s there to defend her and scare off the punks, but someone else is too. The mystery man tells Batgirl to meet him the next night at 11, because he has some things to discuss with her.


She sleeps in so late the next day, gets up, and goes to meet the man. He tells her that he’s close with Spoiler, and is worried about her, because of what happened courtesy of Eiko Hasigawa (which was more in focus in Catwoman, but basically Eiko said “screw you” to a bunch of the mob folks of Gotham and killed them). Spoiler tried to stop Eiko, so now the family thinks she’s a weak link, and are out for blood. Batgirl agrees to help, and sets off in search of Spoiler.


Luckily, the last time they met, she gave Spoiler a tracking device, and finding her isn’t as tough as anticipated. Thank goodness she does, because Batgirl has to help out in a massive fight against the Hasigawa clan, and the two kick so much butt together. It’s damn great. Batgirl then offers Spoiler her friend’s guesthouse, and asks her to please stay in there until they’re sure the heat has died down. She talks to her friend at dinner the next night, and he’s cool with it.

But Frankie interrupts their dinner with some upsetting news; the older woman who they briefly spoke to? Her boy has been arrested, and she calls out “the red headed girl” for causing this. Uh oh.

A ton goes down in this issue, but my absolute favorite thing is Frankie becoming Batgirl’s partner. We all know Frankie has gotten a neurotransmitter implanted the back of her neck, and it working on tech to kick butt with. She finally comes clean with Babs about it, and after they talk, they’re teammates. Its adorable and perfect, and I love them so much. But, that’s all for now! I can’t wait to read issue 47.












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