Captain America Civil War Trailer 2

Fangirls….fangirls….the new trailer for Captain America Civil War is out. It’s just under two months until this movie is released and a new trailer just came out for it. I’ve already watched it multiple times, so let’s discuss it, shall we?

civil war 4

First things first, here is the new trailer. Go, click, watch.

Done? Did you watch it more than once already? Ok, let’s talk. This trailer gets into the exact plot more than the other one. Because of the global destruction our group of superheroes has caused, the government wants to regulate the heroes. Tony Stark is 100% on board, believing that they need any regulation they can get. Steve Rogers, on the other hand, only sees dangers in this plan. It’s a restriction of freedom, and Steve knows that. He is completely against it. This causes a rift in the Avengers, forcing them all to take sides.

This trailer also gives us a couple looks at new heroes. We get to see Black Panther in a lot more depth than before, which is great. I’m so excited that he’s joining. We also see two characters who were unseen until now. We see Crossbones (aka Rumlow from Captain America the Winter Soldier) in a fight with Steve. And we finally see Spider-Man and which side he is on. I’ll be honest, I was more excited to see Crossbones than Spider-Man, but oh well.

There’s a lot of action and emotion in this trailer as well. And for me at least the emotion is centered around one particular line; “I could do this all day.” Remember Captain America the First Avenger? Remember when Steve was just Steve and he was standing up to bullies saying that exact same line? Yeah, I paused the video as my heart literally broke with the parallel and the thought of how many other parallels there will be.

The Russo brothers are seriously the greatest addition to the Marvel franchise. Winter Soldier is still my favorite Marvel movie to date (although I have a sneaky feeling Civil War will find it’s way to that spot) because they made it the most perfect film they possibly could. They took the source material, applied it to today, and even though they changed things (like how Bucky gets his memories back) the changes were for the better. I seriously cannot wait for Civil War, it is going to be amazing.












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