All New All Different Avengers #3

Here’s an interesting tactic that this issue of the series is using, Fangirls. It opens with something that has not yet happened, and the rest of the issue helps lead into what that opening means. So let’s find out why the Avengers are attacking Nova, shall we?

all new avengers 8

all new avengers 9

The Chitauri is closer to his goal than he should be, and even though Iron Man wants Spider-Man, Nova, and Ms. Marvel – all the youths – to sit out, they refuse. Meanwhile, Warbringer the Chitauri and his human ally are working to open a portal in order to bring an army to Earth. The Avengers arrive and attack in a large attempt to end Warbringer’s plan. They get the pieces, and as they lose the fight, Iron Man comes up with a plan to end it all.

Too bad for the Avengers, the human ally Gryphon has powers, and he used them to try and retrieve the pieces of the artifact by calling on zombies. Luckily, Iron Man’s plan works. And it gets him thinking that this group could be a new well oiled team of Avengers. Naturally, everyone signs on. And the beginnings of the All New, All Different Avengers is seen.

all new avengers 10

And there is an epilogue. During the battle, Vision discovered that Sam aka Nova is most likely the reason that Warbringer came in the first place. He agrees not to tell the others, but this puts Sam in his debt.

So what will happen? Will Vision tell Sam’s secret? Will the truth come out another way? Why would the Avengers act so violently towards Sam? We’ll have to wait to find out.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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