On Reading

As I’m sure you’re aware, Fangirls, sometimes its incredibly difficult to find time to do the things that we love. I’ve always had issues making myself to go shoot with my camera when I’m not being assigned to do so, and it’s starting to seem like that’s the case with reading as well.


I’ve been a rather avid reader since I was very young. I was starting chapter books in kindergarten, my bedtime stories were the Hobbit and Harry Potter. My aunt fueled my love by buying me plenty of books in whichever genre I was most in love with at the time (I have too many Stephen King books for someone who is not good with horror). I loved it. When we started getting assigned reading in school, I was in heaven; I could read and understand books quickly, and so I did. I took care of book reports early in the year so I wouldn’t have to worry them, and did extra ones for more credit. By high school I stopped being an overachiever, but I still read.

I remember my English teacher assigned Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury one day, and I finished it within the class period. I loved the dystopia, the intensity, and everything about it. But when she put my speed reading and understanding on display for the class, I got uncomfortable. It didn’t stop me from reading, but made me not want to read near people anymore.

In college we had assigned books too, but most classes I took focused on children’s literature and poetry. I gobbled those books up too; there’s nothing like being told that you have to read and write about Harry Potter for a college class. But then, everything kind of slowed down, reading wise.

I read a fair few comics, as I’m sure you’re aware. They’re short and easy, and the reviews keep my comprehension in tip top shape. But I’m having issues finding novels that really pull me in. I have 2 half read young adult novels on my shelf next to me; Tomorrowland (prequel to the movie), and The Zodiac Legacy (a Marvel book). Neither really got me pushing through them, and that feels like I’ve failed. I bought and started reading A Clockwork Orange while I was stranded in Phoenix, but drinking my cares away was more appealing than reading (plus airport chairs are not comfy).

I miss reading, and I feel super lame for not doing it all of the time. I know I can bring books to work to read on my break, or to read before bed, but I’m often concentrating on eating my lunch and just falling asleep. It’s terrible. I’m curious, though; what if my lack of interest is my fault in the fact that I’m choosing the wrong books? So I’m very open to suggestions, Fangirls and Fanboys. I want to read, so send me your favorite books, and I’ll try them out.











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