Aromatherapaes Sleepy Time Bath Efervescents

Fangirls, I love Lush. Of course I do; it’s a lovely company with a great message, and lovely products. But I can’t always afford Lush. This has led me to the bath section in my local Hannaford (the main grocery store here).


I have used Aromatherapaes a couple times, but I never really paid attention to what I was getting, until after I started shopping at Lush. These efervescents are very much like bath bombs from Lush, only they’re more about the scent than the fancy colors. For only $2.49, it was worth a shot.


I’m glad I tried it out, Fangirls. This efervescent, coined “sleepy time,” did exactly that – it got me sleepy. It got me all chilled out and ready for bed; something I really appreciate, because I have such difficulties falling asleep. I ended up getting right out of the tub, toweling off, and falling straight to sleep.


It’s significantly less expensive than Lush, but it’s still a great product. The main problem? It’s not Lush, so it doesn’t come with their standard of values. Lush Cosmetics is fantastic because of the amount of education they provide the general populous with. They talk about fair trade and treating workers well, along with fighting animal cruelty, and being a technically small company. These efervescents can not provide that. They’re also not handmade, and have a lot of packaging (2 plastic sheaths).

It’s frustrating, Fangirls, to be so excited about the price of something and so not about the company. But that’s kind of how this stuff works. So if you’re broke and in need of a relaxing soak, check out these efervescents, but don’t think about the ethics.

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