Appdicted: Fitbit (again)

Alright Fangirls, I know what you’re thinking; But Emily! You wrote about this two weeks ago! You’re right, I did. A couple days after writing that, though, I took a big step and decided it was time to start watching what I ate. I hoped fitbit would help me with this, since it has the food tracking software inside. So, I started counting calories. I put everything into my fitbit that I put into my mouth.


It’s hard, writing everything down. It makes you more conscious of what you’re eating, and what you’re doing, and honestly, you don’t need a fitbit to do that. I know that for a lot of people, keeping a food journal really helps them out. I don’t like physical journals; I think they’re too open and public, like anyone could see what I’ve been eating. And that’s a part of the problem. If you’ve been watching what you eat, or at least have been more conscious of what’s going into your body, you don’t need to be embarrassed. But I think that’s what food journalling thrives on; your lack of comfort with people knowing what you’ve been eating.


Luckily, fitbit is on my phone. I keep my phone password protected, and fitbit doesn’t broadcast my dietary habits to the entire world. So the embarrassment factor is gone. That motivates me to log my food accurately. Plus, my phone is always with me, so I have no excuse to write it later (and then “forget” the chocolate I ate). Since I am looking at my phone as I get my lunch together, I can think about exactly what I will be putting into my body.

I’ve started looking at labels more. I’ve been eating only 1 serving of food. If I’m hungry, want to overeat, or having a massive sweet tooth, I take a walk so that I can earn it. The other day, Ashley and I wen for ice cream because I had a ridiculously strong urge to eat ice cream. We walked to one of the furthest ice cream places from our houses, and stopped at an out-of-the-way bank before going to ice cream. That walk helped me reach my step goal, and made me appreciate my ice cream more. I had to work for it, so I ate it more slowly, logged my calories, and kept walking.

These are my results from yesterday.
These are my results from yesterday.

I think titbit’s food tracking system is incredibly helpful. I’ve lost about 7 pounds, and am incredibly proud of myself for doing so. I think my combined walking, strength exercises, and watching my intake have been incredibly helpful, and I can not wait to keep working on it. Thanks, fitbit, for making this so easy.











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