Netflix’s Love

Oh my goodness, Fangirls. My stepdad and I just finished watching the Netflix Original Series Love together, and I am 100% ready for the next season. It’s the most intense of romantic comedies, and has yet to go the way I expected, so lets get right into it.


Love stars Paul Rust as Gus; an awkward and lovable set tutor in LA. One morning,he pays for a belligerent girl’s coffee, and they quickly become friends. The girl, Mickey (played by Gillian Jacobs), is a cute, rebellious lady, and Gus quickly gets all heart eyes for her. But, she sees him as too nice of a guy, and sets him up with her Australian roommate.

The first season goes on with Gus and Mickey sleeping together and fighting, ll while showing us the struggles they’re going through individually. Mickey sleeps with her boss because she worries that she’ll get fired if she doesn’t. Gus loses his job because of his reactions in the writers room, but a child actress saves his career. They both lead pretty messy lives, but I think it’ll be better once they’re together.


Love is not the type of TV that I usually watch. It’s romantic comedy, and that usually really bums me out. Being in a long distance relationship means seeing my significant other maybe every other month. Watching shows about relationships tends to make my sad feelings worse. But not this one. Love was funny and quirky enough to not make me sad, but instead make me happy about the relationship I’m in.

It’s a phenomenal show. I f you’re off and looking for something to marathon, Love is a good way to spend your day. And honestly, you’ll probably know within the first two episodes whether or not it’s for you. So give it a try! Check out Love on Netflix.











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