A-Force #2

I am loving this series, Fangirls. So, last we saw Anti-Matter was still hunting down Singularity, and Singularity was trying to find all her friends from Arcadia to help her. Medusa decided to not be helpful and put Singularity into handcuffs.

a-force 16

That is, of course, until Anti-Matter killed one of her Inhumans. Then Medusa decided on a new strategy – fight back. Unfortunately, the fighting does not go as planned. They need someone who can do more than just punch, and Singularity knows just the friend; Nico, a young but powerful witch. They find her in Tokyo and she joins the fight. She’s powerful enough to temporarily unmake Anti-Matter.

a-force 17

Of course, it is temporary, so they need a new plan. Carol Danvers calls up with just the idea; attack it with light, gain more data and information, and find a real way to destroy it. And again, Singularity remembers just the friend. Allison Blare aka Dazzler. She can transmute sound into light, the perfect ally in this plan.

Dazzler agrees to help just as Anti-Matter returns. And the issue ends there. The good news is Singularity has gotten her team back together. The bad news? They’re not a team yet, some of them aren’t even friends.

I truly am loving this series. I’m so glad it’s continued past the Secret Wars and I can’t wait for them to create the A-Force once more.











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