Lumberjanes Issue 21

Fangirls, I’m really glad that this comic never calms down.


Last time, they were getting a mermaid band back together, and since April felt guilty about the way she handled herself, she has gone beyond all out to learn all about the water; she’s been studying and getting all of the badges that she could on the subject, and (frankly) working her tail off. But that means she’s been absent from the rest of the gang, which is less cool of her.


When she approaches the rest of the Roanoke cabin to come with her to earn a badge on knot tying, they (of course) agree, and all start tying some knots. But their instructor, Seafarin’ Karen, says that all of them need to do well for any of them to get the badge. Ripley is having trouble with the knots, so they don’t end up with any badges. April is bummed again, because Karen basically told them that they aren’t that great of a team. Which, obviously isn’t true. The Lumberjanes are basically the best team. Ever.


The approach Jen with their upset and dilemma, and she points which way S.K. usually goes after dinner. They head out to her, and learn that she lived a life on the sea, but when she stopped here to get food one day, selkies popped her raft and took over her boat. Selkies are a rad, mythical creature that use their pelts to turn from human to seal. They’re wonderful, and have started to become one of my favorite mythological creatures.


These ones are upset, though, because they think that Seafarin’ Karen stole one of their pelts when she came to this area, forcing one of them (Moiria) to be stuck in her human form. According to some legends, it’s very dangerous for a selkie to be without her pelt for too long. Mal, April, and Jo are with Seafarin’ Karen when she finds this out, but Molly, Ripley, and Bubbles the raccoon are with the Bear Woman, trying to learn more about selkies (but she doesn’t have much to offer them, other than what I’ve said here).


Seafarin’ Karen gets fed up with the selkies’ taunts, and something happens; she turns into a werewolf! And that’s where the darn issue ends! Every time I read Lumberjanes, I end up on the edge my seat. It gets me pumped right the heck up, and I can never wait to read the next issue. Luckily, the next 3 are already out, so I’ll be reading those now. If you haven’t read Lumberjanes yet, I can not recommend it enough. It’s wonderful for all ages, all genders, and all mythical creatures.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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