Wonder Woman at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee

Fangirls, as I was perusing Target the other day, a book caught my eye. Now, I know that I said I’ve been having issues finishing books lately; due to time or interest, or whatever, but as soon as I saw this book, I knew it had to come home with me. I was so excited to see that the DC Super Hero Girls had come out with a book, that I lost my mind. When I got home that night, I started reading it, and got about halfway through, before realizing that it was 11pm and I had to get up for work in a couple hours.


Wonder Woman at Super Hero High is a young adult novel about Wonder Woman’s time at Super Hero High. Super Hero High is a high school for super heroes, run by Amanda Waller. The teachers are all sorts of heroes, from Liberty Belle to Lucius Fox, all of whom help raise these young super heroes to greatness.

In this novel, it’s Wonder Woman’s first long term stint away from home, and she’s awkward and a little clumsy, and having issues making friends. But she makes some great ones, and it’s wonderful to read about. The story focuses around Wonder Woman’s first year, and her goals. She wants to become Super Hero of the Month one month, and to participate in the Super Triathlon, an honor only bestowed upon the best of the best.

The book is wonderful, not only because of the characters individually, but because of their interactions. Wonder Woman and Cheetah have a blossoming rivalry already, but Wonder Woman’s roommate is Harley Quinn. It’s a cute way to introduce girls (and boys, of course) to some of DC’s most popular characters, without it getting too dark.


I think my favorite part of the book is the relationship between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. They’re both very strong personalities, and though they aren’t similar personalities, they get along quite fabulously. Knowing about Harley’s future makes this really funny, but showing their relationship at this young age is wonderful.

I think that this is a great novel, regardless of age, and that many readers would enjoy it. I read it in two days (around my work schedule), and found it to be a phenomenal way to pass the time. Though it is intended for younger audiences, it has some great references for adults too (Black Canary and Green Arrow competing as a team in a karaoke contest was my favorite, but Steve Trevor’s appearances were a close second). I can’t recommend this enough.











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