Daddy’s Home

Alright Fangirls. The other night we rented Daddy’s Home, from iTunes, and it was incredibly stupid. It wasn’t a bad stupid, though, as we all found it incredibly entertaining, and well worth the $5 it cost to rent.


Daddy’s Home stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as the step and real dad’s of two young children. Mark Wahlberg’s character, Dusty, comes to visit after a very long time of not seeing his ex wife or children. Of course this happens right after Brad (Ferrell) gains the full trust and love of the two children.

What comes after is a full on pissing match. The dads duke it out, and eventually, both of them lose. Brad gets totally smashed at a basketball game, and claims (over the loudspeaker) that he made love to his wife the night before, so if she chooses Dusty over him, Dusty will have to be his child’s stepdad. It’s embarrassing to watch, and I was aware that it was fiction.


After the game, Dusty offers to be a real dad again; dropping the kids off and picking them up from school, bringing them to appointments and playdates, the whole nine yards. But a day in, he gets overwhelmed and runs away again. Brad, however, hasn’t seen the kids at all. It’s not until the day of the daughter’s Daddy-Daughter dance does Brad realize he needs to be with them. He picks up Dusty from the airport, and they go to the dance.

The movie ends with some role reversal. Dusty has a wife with a child from her previous marriage, and Dusty has to try to deal with that. When he meets the birth father, he gets brushed aside the way he had brushed aside Brad at their first meeting. Plus it’s John Cena.

Altogether this was a good, dumb movie. We had fun watching it; it was in a similar vein as Step-Brothers. It’s crude, dirty, and mean, but still funny.













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