Scarlet Witch #3

My favorite witch is back, and she’s in my favorite place in the world, Ireland. She continues to hunt the one who has broken magic, and we discover he calls himself the Emerald Warlock. But he isn’t who Wanda has to fight this time.

scarlet witch 9

Wanda travels to Ireland because something is killing the Emerald Isle. She follows the magic to County Wexford and finds the exact spot where a great battle happened and someone powerful was killed. She uses her magic to end the plague, and then she goes to learn just who is destroying magic.

scarlet witch 10

She uses her magic to open the Witches Road and travel through time and space to find the cause. Who she finds isn’t who we think. It isn’t the Emerald Warlock, or at least he isn’t working alone. She finds a version of herself breaking magic and taking revenge. The question is, what is she fighting against? We won’t find out until next issue.

I’ll be honest, this issue felt very filler to me. Plus I was a little thrown off that the art style changed so drastically from the first two issues. But I am interested in seeing what Wanda vs Wanda will be like and why one Wanda is destroying magic.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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