Captain Marvel Issue 3

Fangirls, after the attack on Captain Marvel’s team, something bad happened to Carol. In this issue, she’s experiencing hallucinations, memory loss, and straight black outs.


She wakes up in the medical ward of the ship, confused and upset. Against recommendations, Danvers leaves, in search of Lieutenant Kawasaki. She finds her being interrogated for altering records and triggering an attack on the station. It’s clear that even though Kawasaki’s codes were used for the changes, Danvers doesn’t believe she did it.


Everyone is taking note of how terrible Captain Marvel looks. Brand, who was interrogating Kawasaki, even says to her face that she looks like hell. While trying to talk to Kawasaki, Danvers gets a headache that seems to go hand in hand with a ¬†hallucination. She keeps going to a place that looks like a war zone. And she knows it’s where she dies. But she’s never been there.

Blaming the alien vessel, Captain Marvel goes to a bridge, where her team is assembled around a regenerating bomb from the ship. She tells them to get rid of it, and to get rid of the alien ship. But when they release the clamps holding it in place, nothing happens. They then find that the alien ship is infiltrating their ship, much like a virus. The team starts to fight the cancerous ship, but an explosion happens, and Captain Marvel attacks Sasquatch (assumably without reason), and takes off.


She takes control of their ship, and is hallucinating. She must have attacked Sasquatch under the same pretenses. Brand shoots her, and it takes Danvers down. It’s scary, because a blast that small shouldn’t have affected Captain Marvel, especially so intensely. She wakes up in a containment unit, with a hologram of Brand explaining what happened. She’s stuck there, trying to figure out what’s happening to her.


Her team starts monitoring her hallucinations, and she ends up in a semi-lucid state, telling the team what’s happening to her as she goes through the hallucination. Towards the end of her dream, she realizes that she is no longer herself, she’s Mar-Vell. She’s experiencing his memories, presumably through the transference he did to give her the power.


The alien ship has human-like DNA, and Brand gets knocked out by some mysterious character in the shadows. It’s a terrifying ending to an incredibly confusing issue. I’m very worried about Captain Marvel, her abilities are highly muted; she can’t even pull a panel off of a wall. I’m scared for her, especially since she doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously. We’ll see what happens next month.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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