BarkBox #1

Fangirls! Earlier this week, Cooper (my absolutely excellent little puppy) and I received our very first BarkBox in the mail! BarkBox is a subscription service specifically for dogs; it’s a neat way to get presents for your pup every month. Who doesn’t want that?! So Coop and I sat down to record this video, but we didn’t really get a chance to review the products individually. That’s why we’re here now!


The first thing I took out of the box was a Lady Liberty Squeaky Ball. Cooper is in love with this; it rolls, has chewable parts, and squeaks! It’s truly the whole package. I think Cooper would have been set if this was the only thing we took out of the box.

Next, I pulled out a Pretzel Tug Toy. It’s crinkly and has lots of places to chew and tug. Though Cooper was less enthusiastic about this one, I’m okay with that. I’m not quite ready for him to be tugging yet, so the pretzel can wait. When he is ready enough to start tugging, it’ll be a blast, I’m sure! Until then, it’s just another crinkly chew toy (again, not a bad thing).

After the toys, we got to the treats! I pulled out the Big Apple Pork Chew from Etta Says!. Since Cooper is a puppy, we’re not quite ready to let him have this. But he seemed excited when he sniffed the box!

The second treat that I pulled out were the NYC Jerky Bits by No Grainers in Roasted Duck flavor. No Grainers is a grain and gluten free brand that makes some rad dog treats. We had some other treats from them, but put them on hold for these ones. Cooper was all about them; I think a big part of it was the fact that they don’t usually get broken up for him, but other treats usually do. Lucky pup!



Our final treat bag was full of eLicksors green treats. These are kale, kelp, and spinach flavored, and easily my favorite treats to give him. Being a life-long vegetarian, I get a little grossed out by some of the meaty treats and foods that dogs get; I don’t like to feed the cat in the morning because he gets wet food and it makes me feel sick. But these are veggie filled, so they don’t reek of meat. They do, however, smell very strongly. I think it’s the kale.


Altogether, it was a great box, and my pup is loving it! I can’t wait for our next one, coming mid April, and I don’t think Cooper can either! Click here to learn more about BarkBox and subscribe for your pawsome pups. And click here to follow Cooper on Instagram!










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