Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Alright Fangirls, this sucks. I hate when things don’t work, for pretty obvious reasons. That happened with these Nail Polish Strips. I went a bit bonkers after I had such great luck with the Personails strips, that I found some strips my mother had given me a couple years back, and ordered a couple different types from across the internet. I want to tell you guys what works and what doesn’t. Sadly, the Sally Hansen ones are a flop.


First off, I found them super tough to put on. I followed the instructions to a T; clean the heck out of your hands, size the strips, clean your nails again, peel, peel, stick, and press. The edges didn’t want to stay down; even the tops that I folded under before filing. So I tried some clear topcoat (which isn’t mentioned on the package, but is suggested on every other pair of strips I have seen. Once I got the topcoat dried, I put a matte topcoat over the top of that; I thought green sparkly matte nails would be the cutest thing on the planet. Once that was dried, I went about my day. I made oatmeal for breakfast, ate it, and started to make my lunch; and then noticed my nails. They were peeling and getting all goopy.


My first thought was the age. These wraps were (at minimum) 3 years old, but I’m pretty sure they were sent to me 4 years ago on my DCP. So maybe the glue was too old. I tried to peel them off with the edges that were coming up, and they were stuck heard to my nails. So it couldn’t have been the glue. I used hot water and nail polish remover to get them off, but it was almost impossible. It wasn’t fun.

At their best, they were super cute.
At their best, they were super cute.

A week ago, however, a coworker of mine came in, telling me that she had a surprise for me. She had bought me a set of Sally Hansen nail wraps, that I was incredibly excited to try out. Though they didn’t last as long as some other nail wraps, they still lasted for a full week. They were cute, but not super sticky; I still almost immediately got chips in my nails (even with topcoat on), because they weren’t sticking to the tips of my nails.


They were incredibly cute, but I still don’t feel that these nails are recommendation worthy. I had far better luck with Personails, an Australian company.















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