All New All Different Avengers #4

In this issue, Fangirls, Avenger life is back to normal. They have a new base of operations, Jarvis is back, and a new enemy arises. Oh, and possibly a new romance.

all new avengers 11

So, Jarvis has a job at Avengers Headquarters again. And though the Avengers are all there putting everything together, it isn’t what Headquarters used to be. Spider-Man (who is Miles Morales) and Ms. Marvel discuss how they feel about being surrounded by their heroes when the Avengers call goes out.

all new avengers 12

Turns out an artificial hurricane has appeared thanks to Cyclone. And Cyclone is a villain who doesn’t know when to stop talking, as he reveals to the Avengers that he is working for something called Dynasty. So naturally, the Avengers save the people and stop the bad guy as a team and take him away for questioning when Thor acts on her feelings and kisses Captain America before flying away.

all new avengers 13

She does leave the team with a hint as to who she might really be – when asked why she kissed Sam, she replies “Life’s candle burns too briefly not to live in the moment.” Now because we fans know she’s currently-dying Jane Foster, that statement makes sense. But her teammates don’t know that and begin to wonder who she truly is.

As this series grows, it is getting better. It’s great to see a new Avengers team made up of so many awesome characters.











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