Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Issue 5

Fangirls, I can not get enough of this comic. Doreen and her computer science major friends are all stuck in the past, fighting Doctor Doom and his Doombots, when someone from the future shows up! It’s hella future old woman Squirrel Girl! Not only is this the cutest possibility, but it’s the best!


Now that far future Squirrel Girl is here, they fight even harder. Tippy Toe has an idea to make everything seem normal for the residents of the present; they make it look like they’re a film crew from Europe, and they’re filming a fight scene! It seems to work pretty well for not only keeping them from looking crazy, but also keeps civilians from getting hurt and changing the timeline.

After quite a bit of butt kicking, old woman Squirrel Girl gets hers kicked, and Doreen tells her that she has to take a break. She doesn’t want anything to happen to future her! So Squirrel Girl decides to take on Doom on her own. They fight in the natural history museum, and when he traps her, Doreen shouts coded instructions at Nancy. Nancy fires a time gun at Doreen, and sends her a day into the past. She does this a bunch of times until she has amassed an army of Squirrel Girls.


Together, the many Squirrel Girls take down Doom. She and he make a pact; if she doesn’t tell anyone about this, he’ll do what she says. She has him take them back to the present, and makes him promise not to mess with time anymore.


The time gun that I mentioned earlier was Cody’s (another computer science student) inheritance. When he figured out what it was, and realized he was doing poorly in classes, he started zapping his classmates. Since the class was graded on a curve, he started doing better. But that’s not fair to anyone. Shame on you, Cody.


This issue was phenomenal. I love reading this comic so darn much, and I’m glad that Squirrel Girl is continuing to kick butts and eat nuts!

Plus this is the cutest panel I can't handle it.
Plus this is the cutest panel I can’t handle it.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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