Curly Wurly from Lush

For the longest time, I was not a fan of my curls. I hated that they were wild and messy, and it seemed like I could never control them. It was a really difficult thing to hate; I ended up dyeing my hair colors across the spectrum and straightening it daily. Once this destroyed my hair, I shaved my head to make it virgin once more. Though I do dye my hair now (a relatively natural auburn), I’ve grown to love my curls. My hair is wild like my mothers, and as Ashley says, “similar to Rubeus Hagrid’s,” and he’s a good guy, so I don’t mind looking like him. The thing with having wild and curly hair, is that you have to take care of it differently that if you were taking care of straight hair. Of course, each person’s hair has different needs due to what they’re doing with it; mine is curly and dyed, so it needs hydration from both my conditioner and shampoo.


Almost a year ago, I was in the Lush store in the Orlando Airport after having said goodbye to my ‘Ohana, my Disney family. We had just finished up our three year reunion, and I needed some retail therapy. In the store I spent far too much money and filled my carry-ons almost to capacity, and left with a couple samples, too. One of the samples was for Lush’s Curly Wurly shampoo. I didn’t want to spend the whopping thirty dollars to buy a shampoo that I wasn’t sure would work in my tangles, so I took my sample and went on my way. When I unpacked, a couple days later, I realized that this shampoo was almost solid, and I had no clue how to use it.

So I got my butt to a computer and went through Lush’s how to’s; take a little scoop of Curly Wurly (very little, by the way), mix it with some water, and rub it into your scalp. It was weird. I tried it, and found that it showed off my inability to rinse my hair well; I was styling my hair and finding chunks of coconut. Not cool. So I worked on my rinsing, and used the sample every now and then when my hair was getting super dry, and really enjoyed it. So much so, that the next order I made from Lush’s online shop included Curly Wurly. It was a treat.


I’ve found that Curly Wurly is the perfect once-a-week shampoo. I shampoo my hair every two- to three days, because I don’t want it to become greasy. Curly Wurly is super hydrating, so I only want to use it once a week or so; as much as I like to spoil my hair, I need to be reasonable. Now that I’ve been using it for quite some time, I’ve realized that it’s definitely worth the cost, and the tub lasts for a very long tim (I’m still on my first one). I think it’s my favorite Lush “necessity,” and I don’t plan on halting my purchases of it anytime soon.

If you’re interested in Curly Wurly, or changing your hair routine in any way, stop by a Lush near you to talk to an associate. They use the products, and understand what it’s like to be human, so ask them what they use, what they recommend, and for a sample or two. They’ve always been incredibly helpful in the stores I’ve been into, and they’re quite knowledgable. You can go here to find a Lush near you, and here to learn more about Curly Wurly.











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