A-Force #3

Time to play catch up with my comics, Fangirls. Life has been so busy. But now I have time, and my catch up starts with A-Force #3. 

a-force 18

The battle against AntiMatter continues, with the team using all of the resources possible. When Carol’s science fails, Singularity enlists Nico’s powers to make it so AntiMatter can no longer track her. She takes her friends to safety once more. As the team bickers and argues, She-Hulk takes control and becomes the leader, like on Battleworld.

a-force 19

Singularity takes them exactly where they want to go – to Carol’s low orbit space station. Along with two scientists, Dr. Kawasaki and Dr. Bell, they discuss whether they should kill AntiMatter or figuring out exactly what it is and trying to study it. Dr. Bell speaks up and says that destroying AntiMatter could also destroy Singularity.

They get the chance to speak with AntiMatter, who says it wants to learn, but to learn it must destroy. The fight begins, and Dazzler is seriously injured and dies. Singularity disappears to finish the fight once and for all. And issue 3 ends.

a-force 20

Next issue is the final showdown between AntiMatter and the A-Force. I cannot wait.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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