Jasper Bath Bomb from Waffle’s Wares

“We are the crystal…baths?!” Fangirls, the other day I had the immense pleasure of sitting down to soak in a bath bomb that I have had for quite some time; the Jasper Bath Bomb from easy’s Waffle’s Wares shop. I bought this when I first binge watched Steven Universe, realizing that Jasper is my beautiful & powerful queen, and she’s a bit hard to find merchandise of (hell, up until recently, they all were). When I found bath bombs themed after the show’s main babes, I got super excited and bought the Jasper one.


Fangirls it’s so good. I drew myself a hot bath on a lazy day, dropped in my Jasper bombs, and contemplated never getting out. Though the bath bomb comes as half black and half orange (with darker orange swirls), once it settles it’s a marvelous deep purple. Amethyst would be proud of her beefy Quartz cousin.



As I soaked in this glorious homage to my main bad babe, I realized that the scent was something I wasn’t used to; savory. Most baths that I take (and beauty products that I use) are sweet smelling. I tend to prefer the sweet; it goes well with both my sweet tooth and chubby body. Sweet is me! But the deep charcoal and cinnamon cents floating in my bath tub made me swoon; the scents were warm and delicious. It was perfect to use with the smell of pine dwindling in the past. A wonderful bomb for Christmas.


One thing that had me a bit worried was the oily-ness of the bath. It stuck to my tub and my body. It’s definitely something to pay attention, because it’s very slippery to get out of!

Altogether, this bath bomb is rad as heck, and I’m super into it. I will almost definitely be ordering another of Waffle’s Wares soon!











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