Doctor Strange Trailer 1

It’s a week for trailers, Fangirls. First, we had the Fantastic Beasts trailer that showed us the way back into the wizarding world. Now, we’ve been given the first look at Marvel’s next film, Doctor Strange. And it looks fantastic.


First thing as always, you can view the trailer below.

I am one of the biggest fans of Marvel movies. I love these movies telling these interconnected stories while constantly giving us new characters. The expansion into television and Netflix have also been wonderful choices.

This trailer might be the most beautiful trailer they’ve created. Visually, it’s stunning. When I see a movie, I love seeing it multiple times so I can see new things to appreciate about the cinematography and I adore listening to the soundtracks both in the films and on my own time. The cinematography we get in the 2 minutes above are incredible. It might become the most beautifully filmed movie of the MCU.

As well as the stunning visuals, I love the main four actors in this. Benedict Cumberbatch has really hit the scene since becoming Sherlock – so much so that season four of the show isn’t appearing until 2017. Tilda Swinton is fabulous, simply fabulous. Chitwell Ejifor is such a versatile actor I cannot wait to see what he’ll do with this film, and I’m thrilled he’s joining the MCU ranks. And Mads Mikkelsen as the villain? Yes. Please. I’ve missed him as a villain ever since Hannibal was cancelled. He’s incredibly suave yet terrifying, he’s going to be wonderful.

Overall, even though I’m still bursting with Civil War excitement, I can feel the growing joy for Doctor Strange. 











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